Pilates and Yoga Classes in Yarm

By Studio 21


It’s been a while since I introduced myself so I wanted to welcome you the S21 page and let you know 10 things about me:

1.  I’m a Body Control Pilates Teacher and Sport Yoga Instructor, I work out of my own studio, Studio 21 on Yarm High Street.

2.  Netball is life!…….I’ve played for Grangetown Netball Club since I was 13 years old and I’m proud to captain the Prem squad as we travel England every weekend to play the best 10 clubs in the country.  You may have seen some of the younger players and Saffy on ‘The Mighty Redcar’?

3.  I live in Saltburn-by-the-Sea with my bf and my beautiful labrador Beau.  

4.  Morning is my favourite time of the day, I love to be out and about with Beau, in the woods or on the beach at sunrise, when it feels like we are the only people around.

5.  I was born in July and I love the summer months, I crave heat. 

6.  I live in sportswear and trainers, on the rare occasion I have my hair down and a dress on you may not recognise me!

7.  I train 5-6 days a week, this includes PT with @mdcpt121, weights, HIIT and sport specific work, netball S & C with Jarv @jumpfitnessclasses @theunitnortheast, solo gym work and yoga classes.  It’s tricky to fit it all in but I love it so I do my best to make time for it. 

8.  I’m not a vegetarian but I eat very little meat, I do eat fish and my favourite meal is breakfast, scrambled eggs, wholemeal thin, 1/2 avo & blueberries.

9.  I love all animals but dogs are the best. 

10.  I believe my aim in life is to encourage every single person that I come into contact with to move more, movement is the best medicine you can ever take 🙂 

Peace out.   If you have any questions or you’d like like some specific health tips or workouts just drop me a line.  



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Studio 21

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