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Vicky opened Studio 21 way back in 2010, she teaches on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at the Yarm studio and Monday’s and Thursday mornings in the Saltburn studio and also manages the day-to-day running of the business. She teaches Antenatal Pilates, beginners matwork Pilates and the challenging Pilates equipment classes. Working with amateur and professional athletes is her passion and she also works with Middlesbrough Football Club’s 1st team and Under 18 and Under 23 squads.

‘For me, Pilates and Yoga is the relationship built between the body and the mind, it’s moving with an awareness of your body, your breath, how it feels physically and mentally. I believe in teaching natural, functional movement, and in helping people to regain this where it’s been lost and to show people how to improve it when they have it. I look forward to meeting you at the studio’.


Body Control Pilates Teacher High Intensity Power Pilates (HIPP) Yoga Alliance 200hrs

Rhiannon’s special interests lie in the matwork sequences and choreography.  Outside of the studio, Rhiannon runs RYDC (Rhiactions Youth Dance Company), of which Studio 21 is a sponsor.

‘Dance and movement are my passions, I’ve been a teacher since I was 15 years old, and I love passing on my knowledge of movement and the body, so much so, some of you may have had a mini lecture off me, sorry, just don’t get me started lol! I really enjoy studying how different people move and I get very excited when I can get everyone moving at the same time (it’s the choreographer in me!)’.


200h Yoga Hatha Yoga

Rachel is a very experienced local teacher who is currently covering Becky’s maternity leave, her classes are proving really popular.

”I have been teaching relaxation techniques and yoga based stretches, predominantly Hatha yoga, for 16 years. As a trained counsellor, I soon realised the benefits of yoga in nurturing my own self-care. Learning how to use the breath and body to promote health and well-being on a physical, emotional and cognitive level is something that everyone can do. This belief forms the basis of my teaching and I encourage others to use yoga practice to create positive change from within; increasing self-awareness and acceptance leading to inner peace and tranquility. My classes include a variety of postures and movements to improve flexibility, muscle tone, strength, coordination and balance. Using the breath whilst working on the physical body allows the participant to stay in the present moment, which aids relaxation by increasing body awareness and lung capacity.”


200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Yin Yoga Aerial Yoga Ashtanga Yoga

Becky’s been with the studio since 2018, she teaches most of the Yin and Vinyasa Yoga classes at both the Yarm and Saltburn Studio. Becky was previously a primary school teacher until she decided to teach Yoga full time.

‘My teaching style is fairly informal, not too serious, I like to crack jokes and I might call the elbow the knee, and get body parts confused. I try to be creative and get people to do things in different ways. ‘Yoga is a practice not perfect’ and it should be accessible to everyone.’


Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Tracey teaches the energetic Vinyasa Ashtanga Classes at the Saltburn Studio on a Thursday night.


Abode Yoga 250 Hours

Valerie joined the Yarm Studio in 2021 and is teaching a variety of classes, including beginners Yoga, Dynamic Vinyasa and Yin.

”I teach Vinyasa and Yin classes with a personal approach. I like to set intentions and I always try to promote body-awareness, self-love and confidence while flowing with the breath. Yoga has helped me so much and no matter my mood, after a class I always feel so much better. So much more connected to myself and the world around me. So much more at peace. For me, nothing else has this power and the ability to share this with other people is what I love most about teaching yoga.”


Pilates Matwork Pilates Reformer

Kim joined the Studio team in 2022.

‘Exercise is an integral part of my life and contributes positively to both my physical and mental well-being.

I believe strongly that Pilates and Reformer Pilates provide the elements for a well-rounded and progressive fitness journey.

My sessions will strengthen your body and will develop your concentration, control and focus. You will learn to align your breath with movement and expect to leave feeling strong with your posture lengthened.