It’s Back Care Week at Studio 21

By Studio 21

Monday 1st – Sunday 7th March 2021

We’ll be incorporating specific spinal exercises in all of our classes this week, and everyday we’ll be dropping tips and hints about how you can help keep your spine healthy and mobile.
Home working doesn’t always provide the best environment for the spine, but here’s some tips if you find yourself sitting more than usual.

#1 Get Up, Stand Up

Ideally you should aim to stand up and move around every 30 minutes to 1 hour, when you’re in mid workflow on the laptop this isn’t always easy to remember. Try setting a 30 minute timer on your phone, this is your reminder to look up from the computer, get up and move around.

#2 Stretch

If you’re in a meeting and don’t feel you can get up and move around, have a fidget, move your feet and legs, shuffle your bum around on your chair, stretch your arms up and back, and circle your shoulder around. It will help you to feel energised.

#3 Keep Moving

During your break, go outside wherever possible and get some daylight, even if you just walk around the garden taking a few deep breaths in. We can squish our internal organs when sitting (especially when hunched over a desk) so taking some deep breaths while standing can help to stretch everything out again.

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