Introduction to the Bowen Technique: YARM

Saturday 16th July 2022, 9:45am - 11:45am

Introduction to the Bowen Technique:

Pain Relief for the body and stress relief for the mind

Saturday 16th July 9:45 a.m.– 11:45 a.m

Studio 21 Yarm


An Introduction to the Bowen technique

Video of ‘what is Bowen’:

What is it?

The Bowen technique is a holistic, pain relief therapy and wellness method with a core belief. We believe that everyone, at any age, can reset their body and mind and thrive, with the Bowen technique. Gentle, hands-on physical therapy is performed in sequences around the spine, pelvis and shoulders followed by other joints and muscles of the body, where issues may exist. The Bowen technique treatment is deeply relaxing. Furthermore, the technique generates an auto-regulation response from your fascia, muscles and nervous system which can provide pain relief, improve range of motion, stress relief, anxiety relief, improve digestion, breathing, sleep, energy, mental clarity and more. (There will be a detailed ‘theory’ talk at the beginning on the effect of the Bowen technique)


How does it work?

Small, precise, rolling type moves are made over muscles, tendons, and ligaments at specific points on your body where tension and stress tend to be held. These gentle moves are the catalyst that switches the body’s ‘flight or fight’ stress response into rest, repair, recover mode. This shift occurs secondary to the stimulation of the fascia which surrounds the areas we are working on. The Bowen technique is unique in that it directly targets the fascia. The process encourages the body to release tension and stress, helping the body to physically restructure and chemically re-balance. After a set of moves, there is a break of 2-3 minutes, during this break the ‘magic’ happens, while your body and mind respond to the moves. You will lie on your front to start with and then on your back. Deeply relaxing music will be playing during your treatment.


Any reason why I shouldn’t have a Bowen treatment?

The Bowen technique is deeply relaxing and calming, so if you are on medication for low blood pressure (hypotension), please have a chat with us prior to booking. Heavily pregnant ladies or people who can’t lie on their front or back, can still have Bowen by lying on their side.  You will be lying on the floor during some of this workshop, please let us know in advance if you need a chair.


What do I wear?

The Bowen moves can be performed directly on the skin but can also be done through light clothing. The moves can be difficult to apply through certain materials such as woolly jumpers or denim jeans. Ideally, loose comfortable, cotton-based clothes should be worn. Access across the length of your spine, neck and shoulders will be needed, so a loose vest top or loose t-shirt and thin fabric leggings, cotton trousers or shorts can be worn. Women should avoid Lycra leggings if possible. In between the moves you will always be covered up to keep you warm.


What do I need to bring?

Please bring your mat, 2 large towels or 2 thin blankets, a thin pillow (optional) a bottle of water and an open mind.


What happens after the treatment?

First things first, a cup of warm non-caffeinated tea with a home-made vegan brownie (no gluten or nuts) Then it’s time for some Qs & As, followed by some advice on what to do and what to avoid over the next couple of days following your treatment.


I really enjoyed the Bowen technique treatment; can I book a 1 to 1 appointment?

Sure, just wait a minimum of 5 days following the initial treatment as your body will still be responding to the treatment. Please do not have any other hands-on therapy in between Bowen treatments, as it may interfere with your body’s response to Bowen. When you book your first 1 to 1 appointment, use code S21 in the notes section, to claim your gift.

Held at Studio 21 Yarm

21 High Street


TS15 9BW


£22 per person


*this workshop has a 24 hour cancellation policy*