Feel Good Stretch Workshop – YARM

Saturday 2nd July, 9:45-11:45am

Feel Good Stretch Workshop

Saturday 2nd July


Held At:  Studio 21 Yarm

21 High Street, Yarm, TS15 9BW


Beginner Level- for all bodies!

Join Kathryn in this gorgeously relaxing, 2 hour feel good workshop, where we will be taking time out to give our bodies the indulgent pamper session we deserve!

In this feel good stretch workshop you will be exploring the best flexibility and mobility exercises to melt away tension and stress that is stored in the body. These exercises are designed to get rid of headaches and body aches, by lengthening and mobilising our bodies.


This workshop is perfect for those of you who:

*sit for too long at a desk

*want to improve your posture

*want to ease off body aches and pains from stiffness in the joints and muscles

*are looking for injury prevention stretches and mobility

*want to escape your busy world, and dedicate 2 hours to some “self care, me time”.

*want to learn beginners stretches to start gently working on their flexibility and mobility


Wear comfy clothing, (layers are good!) bring plenty of water, and a notepad and pen if you want to take notes.


This is the one to reset your body and leave you feeling the best version of yourself. You’ll take it at your own pace, for your own individual level, and you will not be asked to do anything your body isn’t ready for. So come along already feeling relaxed, comfortable, and confident that you’re body will thank you for it!

The workshop will be led by Kathryn Marshall.
Kathryn grew up in Preston and after training in Ballet and contemporary, she graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2016. She then went on to develop her performance training with a professional diploma in physical theatre with JV2, a touring training company for Jasmin Vardimon. Since then she has been performing, choreographing and teaching in aerial hoop, dance and contortion. After entering the aerial and contortion world, Kathryn expanded and focussed her career as a flexibility and movement coach. She is now fully qualified with the Alixa Flexibility Method and is now based in the North East.

“It was only after my dance training that I really started to focus on the world of flexibility, and I realised how much mystery and misinformation there is surrounding the art of stretching. I love to explore movement and creativity, and how this can help release the stress and tension from our bodies. So, I am now a flexibility and movement coach spreading the word that everyone can be flexible, it just takes a little dedication and practice! I love meeting new people and working with different bodies, at different stages of their flexibility journeys.  Whether you would like to start feeling more supple and get rid of pain or stress, or prevent injury and increase your flexibility to support other art forms and sports, I am here to help you achieve your flexibility goals.”
*Workshops have a 24 hour cancellation policy*


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